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Vibrations and wind


All Schréder tunnel products undergo corrosion tests in laboratories and


Schréder products offer a high level of

protection against micro-particles

and water splashes (cleaning with high-

pressure jets).

Stones and unsecured truck loads can hit

devices installed in a tunnel. Our products

are duly tested to resist violent shocks.

Each time vehicles pass, the luminaires are subjected to intense vibrations and gusts of air. In collaboration with universities, Schréder rigorously tests its tunnel products and mountings in laboratories and wind tunnels.

Schréder LED tunnel luminaires sealed with flat glass guarantee a more constant efficiency than luminaires where the lenses are in direct contact with the atmosphere. They minimise the amount of material needed, ensure better safety for users, reduce maintenance requirements and contribute to energy efficiency.

Our products are composed of non-flammable materials to comply with the most demanding requirements (M1, Vo, etc) and do not give off toxic fumes (0% halogen, F1, etc).

As tunnels and underpasses can be aggressive environments, our solutions are designed and tested to withstand harsh conditions and provide a sustainable performance.

Designed to provide a sustainable performance