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The GL2 Compact offers a unique combination of features in a slender housing for lighting the entrance, threshold and interior zones.

The GL2 Compact is an IP 66 luminaire providing a flexible solution to cover the lighting requirements of different areas. The design of the LensoFlex®2 photometric engine offers maximum versatility for lighting town and motorway tunnels, underpasses, sport facilities and industrial buildings. The photometry of the GL2 Compact can be either symmetrical or asymmetrical to adapt to the place to be lit. The luminaire offers several mounting possibilities. For example, it can be fixed directly onto a cable rack.

The photometry can be adjusted on-site thanks to a tiltable bracket (from -60° to +60°). The GL2 Compact guarantees long lasting performance with minimum maintenance. A door on one of the covers provides access to the electronic compartment.

Maximised savings in energy and maintenance costs

High tightness level and excellent heat extraction for long lasting performance

High level of protection against corrosion, impact and vibrations

LensoFlex®2 engines providing performance, comfort and safety

Wide range of lumen packages

Excellent luminance uniformity

On-site adjustment for optimal photometry

Surge protection 10kV

Key advantages

Main applications


GL2 Compact 1 2 3 4 5

Typical luminaire output flux (range)

1,900 to 4,200lm

3,900 to 8,400lm

5,800 to 12,600lm

7,800 to 16,800lm

10,800 to 25,200lm

Power consumption 18.9W to 36.8W

36.8W to 70W

51.5W to 104W

67.5W to 138W

86W to 208W

Colour temperature Neutral white

Nominal voltage 220-240V / 120-277V / 347-480V 50-60hz

Surge protection 10kV

IP 66 IK08