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The FV32 LED provides a flexible solution to cover different enclosed areas and meet tunnel lighting requirements.

The design of the LensoFlex®2 photometric engine and the flexibility of the photometric distributions makes the FV32 LED range an ideal instrument for lighting town and motorway tunnels or underpasses.

The extruded aluminium profile enables the number of LEDs to be adjusted in multiples of 8, starting with 32 up to a maximum of 240 LEDs.

Drivers, remote control systems and electrical connections are integrated into the luminaire. The front opening door allows access to the components when the luminaires are installed.

Adapted to a wide range of different tunnel applications to provide safety in all driving conditions

High level of protection against corrosion, impact and vibrations

FutureProof: easy replacement of photometric engine and power supply

ThermiX®: maintains high performance over time

Easy to dim

Various inclination possibilities on-site for optimal photometry

Control system: can be adapted to customer requirements or integrated into the backbone system

FV32 LED 1 2 3

Typical luminaire Output flux (range)

3,500 to 10,700lm

10,700 to 21,200lm

21,900 to 32,100lm

Power consumption 36W to85W 106W to

168W 185W to 257W

Colour temperature Warm or neutral white

Nominal voltage 220-240V / 120-277V / 347-480V 50-60hz

Surge protection 10kV


Main applications

IP 66 IK08

Key advantages