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The ultimate city management system Owlet IoT remotely controls luminaires in a lighting network, creating opportunities for improved efficiency, accurate real-time data and energy savings of up to 85%.

USER-FRIENDLY Automatic asset location Once a controller is installed on a luminaire, the luminaire automatically appears with its GPS coordinates on a web-based map.

Personalised dashboard An easy-to-use dashboard enables each user to organise and customise screens, statistics and reports. Each user can gain relevant, real-time insights.

Responsive interface The Owlet IoT web application can be accessed at all times from anywhere in the world with a device connected to the Internet. The application adapts to the device to offer an intuitive and user-friendly experience.

Notification system Real-time notifications can be pre-programmed to monitor the most important elements of the lighting scheme.

EASY TO DEPLOY Quick installation Thanks to wireless communication, no cabling is needed. The network is not subject to physical constraints or limitations.

FutureProof and scalable From a single control unit to an unlimited network, you can expand your lighting scheme at any time.

Plug+Play With real-time geolocation and an automatic detection of the luminaire features, the commissioning is quick and easy.

ALL-IN-ONE Integrated features The LUCO P7 CM controller includes the most advanced features for an optimised asset management. It also provides an integrated photocell and operates with an astronomical clock for seasonal dimming profile adaptations.