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SECURE Redundant communication The Owlet IoT system uses a local wireless mesh communication between the luminaires for instant reactions on-site combined with a remote control system utilising the cloud to ensure smooth data transfer to and from the central management system.

Encrypted data The system uses encrypted IP V6 communication to protect data transmission in both directions. Using a secure APN, Owlet IoT ensures a high level of protection.

Fall-back scenario In the exceptional case of a communication failure, the built-in astronomical clock and photocell will take over to switch the luminaires on and off, thus avoiding a complete blackout at night.

OPEN Based on industry standards The LUCO P7 CM controller can be plugged onto the standard 7 pin NEMA socket and operates through either a DALI or 1-10V interface to control the luminaire.

IoT ready Owlet IoT is based on the IPv6 protocol. This method for addressing devices can generate an almost unlimited number of unique combinations to connect non-traditional components to the Internet or computer network.

Third party Through open APIs, Owlet IoT can be integrated into existing or future global management systems.

EFFICIENT Adaptive dimming scenarios Thanks to sensors and/or pre-programmed settings, the lighting scenarios can be easily adapted to cope with live events, thus providing the right lighting levels at the right time and in the right place.

Accurate data The integrated utility grade meter offers the highest accuracy available on the market today enabling decisions based on real figures.

Valuable asset management Accurate real-time feedback and clear reporting ensures that the network operates efficiently and that maintenance is optimised.

Protected electrical grid When LED luminaires are switched on, the massive inrush current can create problems for the electricity grid. Owlet IoT incorporates an algorithm to preserve the grid at all times.