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Key advantages


Main applications

Astral LED

Recommended Installation height 3 to 8m / 10 to 26

Typical luminaire output flux (range) 2,600 to 7,300lm

Power consumption 27W to 80W

Colour temperature Neutral white

Nominal voltage 220-240V 50-60Hz

The Astral LED offers up-to- date LED technology in a proven design. It provides huge energy savings while integrating extra features such as speakers, in an attractive modern shape.

The Astral LED is a modular LED lighting solution for metro or railway stations, underpasses, underground car parks and other closed areas where a high tightness level is needed.

The luminaire is composed of an extruded aluminium profile with a tempered glass protector to ensure high impact resistance (IK 08). The luminaire module is hooked onto the housing. Optimal photometry is guaranteed by high-performing symmetrical or asymmetrical reflectors and modules with high-power LEDs (1 to 3 modules). The Astral LED provides significant energy savings and outstanding results in luminance and uniformity for replacing the traditional Astral luminaires equipped with fluorescent lamps.

The anodised profile of the Astral LED extends functionality to beyond lighting as it is able to host surveillance cameras, loudspeakers, emergency signage and other features. It also has an integrated cable tray to gather and hide the power supplies and the control cables, so generating savings in installation costs.

The Astral LED can be recessed in the ceiling, suspended or integrated in a surface mounted housing.

Excellent uniformity and significant energy savings

Excellent visual comfort (no glare)

Flexible photometry (symmetrical/asymmetrical distributions)

Various mounting possibilities (standard, elliptical, corner mounted)

Integrated cable tray

Sealed optical compartment (IP 66)

Fire-resistant materials

Easy installation

Tool free maintenance

IP 66

IK 08