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Beyond Lighting Connectivity

WLAN Professional and secure wireless network

Available in a 360° lighting module or in a dedicated module

2 versions: mesh network or wired network

Dividable bandwidth: e.g. to assign a dedicated part to city operators and a restricted bandwidth for the general public



8 03

m m

38 0m


9 58

m m


Ø 193mm


Antenna module

Providing 4G capacity and coverage

High-speed mobile connection

Blends into the urban environment

Dual band: 3G and 4G

Easy site acquisition for mobile operators

Range up to 100m

Upgradable antenna can be added later, when additional capacity is needed

Side cabinet The operator installs and owns

the telecom equipment

Easy access for maintenance

Waterproof IP material

Upgradable base module can be equipped for 5G networks