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Shuffle Post-top luminaire

The perfect addition Designed to light roads, streets, squares and other places where creating a pleasant atmosphere is a key element, the post-top luminaire version of the Shuffle is available for mounting on a Ø60 or 76mm (2 or 3 ) pole.

The elegant cylinder shape with a 360° clear or diffuse protector offers the same design and technical characteristics as the 360° LensoFlex®2 module of the Shuffle column. It benefits from a wide range of photometries and provides aesthetic consistency in environments lit by both the post-top and column versions of the Shuffle.

The Shuffle post-top luminaire is available as a smooth cylinder or with a large canopy. This post-top luminaire is available with the same control options for stand-alone, autonomous and interoperable networks (remote management) as the other modules of the Shuffle column.

Large canopy version

Top cover version