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Complete solutions for all your projects Imagine the space you wish to create. To achieve this dream, you need a strong partner that understands all the stakes involved.

To help you design the framework.

To consider the people who will use it.

To study how they will interact.

To pay attention to the rules.

To figure out the challenges.

To help you make the most of your landscape, Schréder has developed a comprehensive approach to offer full scope solutions for every kind of environment. Our digital lighting range transforms public and private spaces into safe, comfortable, sustainable and smart environments with engaging experiences for the users and operational benefits for the managers For each project, Schréder offers lighting solutions with a short payback and an optimised return on investment.

Whether lighting a square, street, road, complex, tunnel or industrial facilities or illuminating architecture or a sports venue, Schréder offers a large product portfolio to guarantee the perfect solution that satisfies all aesthetic, performance and efficiency criteria.

Whether you run a city, a utility company, a road or tunnel, a sports arena, a retail facility or an industrial company, Schréder can provide you with a lighting solution that satisfies all of your challenges and expectations.

Schréder lights up your environment