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MidFlexTM takes advantage of the maturity of mid-power LEDs for professional applications. The concept is quite similar to LensoFlexTM2 as it includes PMMA lenses and a glass protector.

The MidFlexTM photometric engines are based on the combination of several modules of mid-power LEDs tightly positioned to maximise the LED density. This configuration limits the photometries to medium light distributions.

Compared to the LensoFlex® concept, the ProFlexTM photometric engine differs by directly integrating the lenses into a polycarbonate protector. This integration increases the output and reduces the reflection inside the optical unit.

The polycarbonate used for the ProFlexTM photometric engine offers essential characteristics such as high optical clarity for a superior light transmission, better impact resistance compared to glass and a long life span with UV-stabilisation treatment.

The ProFlexTM concept enables a more compact design with a thinner optical compartment. It provides more extensive light distributions so that the spacing between the luminaires can be increased.



Key characteristics

Protector: glass

LED type: mid-power

Lenses: PMMA

Back light control: not available

Key characteristics

Protector: polycarbonate

LED type: high-power 2mm2

Lenses: integrated in the protector

Back light control: added to the protector as an option