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Using metal reflectors with a superior reflective co-efficient, the ReFlexoTM photometric engine delivers high performance for specific applications such as counter beam lighting in tunnels or very extensive light distributions for sports or apron lighting.

Another key advantage of the ReFlexoTM is its ability to direct all the light to the front of the luminaire, ensuring that no back light is emitted.

This photometric engine guarantees glare free lighting for excellent visual comfort and the creation of ambiance.

Using silicon collimators, the BlastFlexTM photometric engine offers the highest efficacy for directional beams dedicated to specific applications in architectural and sports lighting.

The ability to control the light with the highest accuracy reduces the light spill in the surrounding areas and contributes to an optimal use of the energy consumed.

Thanks to a superior thermal resistance, the BlastFlexTM optics can work with very high currents to provide large lumen packages and do not suffer from the yellowing effect over time.



Key characteristics

Protector: glass

LED type: high-power 2mm2 or 4mm2

Reflectors: anodised aluminium with a superior reflective co-efficient

Back light control: not needed

Key characteristics Protector: glass

LED type: high-power 4mm2

Collimators: silicon

Back light control: not needed